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Colour: Black, Ivory, Khaki, Red
Size: L370 - 1080 x W20mm
Weight: 40g
Material: Acrylic, Leather
Country of Origin: Made in Japan
A slim camera strap for DSLR or mirrorless camera featuring a ring-type attachment system.

Made of acrylic tape, the strap is soft and can accommodate various carrying styles.

The strap features protection flaps to prevent the ring from scratching your camera body.

Enjoy different color variations and choose the one that fits your style the best.
Made with colorful tape and leather, slim camera strap with Italian leather accent.
    Compatible for single-lens reflex camera.
Color: Black, matches any cameras.
Color: IIvory, enhances contrast with red leather.
Color: Khaki, special and fashionable.
Color: Red, eye catching and energetic.


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