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Easy Slider Professional


This new 38mm width version enables a quick, easy and swift action. The special designed tape allows a smooth expansion and contraction to support easy and comfortable picture-taking.
The new strap is multi-functional and supports ring and tape type connections for large SLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, film cameras, etc.) and can be easily switched between those camera types in all settings.

The new shape of the puller enables to easily adjust the length and when set to its shortest size, the loop of the strap does not become a hazard.
The seal, embossed with the A&A logo, is made of refined Italian leather. The Duraflex components are more compact and resistant.

Suitable for reflex or mirrorless cameras. According to the fitting of the camera, the strap can be connected directly.
The buckle type attachment (paracord type) can be quickly and easily attached to and detached from the camera. Different fittings are included for ring, tape and strap type attachments.
Since the length can be easily adjusted (minimum 720 mm, maximum 1150 mm) with one action, no photo opportunity will be missed at any time.


Body Size
Length: 720mm - 1150mm; Width: 38mm

Nylon (tape, connection), Italian Leather (seal), Duraflex

Country of Origin
Made in China


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